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In the study course Master of Science  “Architektur (M.Sc.)”  at under the topic  “Lichtwoche auf der Lichtwiese”

In  the Winter Semester

 a one week workshop titled Entwerfen und Beleuchtungstechnik I ” (4 CP)
is offered  at the department “Design and Building Technology”. The workshop is linked  to a series of lectures on Basics of Lighting Design. The lectures convey  basic knowledge for the design of daylighting and artificial lighting indoor and outdoor.
Special regard is given to lighting design aspects for vision and perception in architectural surroundings. The knowledge is deepened by design exercises.
Curriculum and exercises lead to a design project, worked out in groups.
The results of this  lighting design conception is presented and assessed at the end of the workshop.
For deepening  into "Entwerfen und Beleuchtungstechnik I " a study tour is offered  at the end of the workshop.

In the following Summer Semester

In the context of Entwerfen und Beleuchtungstechnik II ” (4 CP)
the existing  lighting design concept is extended by  detailed design.


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